File Find

October 28, 2009

Here’s a shell script that implements the old Norton Utilities “FileFind” utility. I added a couple of useful additional options.

  • ‘-l’ will display a detailed file listing ala ‘ls -l file’.
  • ‘-c’ and ‘-m’ will display the file using cat and ‘more’ respectively.
  • ‘-e’ option will execute a program on the found file(s).

Example usage:
    $ ff. notes.txt; # find the notes.txt file
    $ ff. -m notes.txt; # display the notes.txt file
    $ ff. -e ‘grep footnote /dev/null’ notes.txt; # grep footnotes from notes.txt files

#! /bin/sh
#  Synopsis:    ff. [-lcm] [-e program] filename ...
#  Description: find files.
#               Options: -l  display directory long listing of file
#                        -c  cat the file
#                        -m  display the file using 'more' (or less)
#                        -e  execute 'program' on the file

while getopts lcme: opt; do
        case "$opt" in
          l) print='-exec ls -l {} \;';;
          c) print='-exec cat {} \;';;
          m) print='-exec less -E {} \;';;
          e) print="-exec $OPTARG {} \;";;
          \?) exit 1;;
shift `expr $OPTIND - 1`

names="-name $1"; shift
for f; do
        names="-name $f -o $names "

eval find . '\(' $names '\)' ${print:--print}

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